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Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist

Board Certified Subspecialist Pediatric Neuropsychology

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Neuropsychological Assessment for Children

When your child is facing significant difficulty associated with the effects of a neurological psychiatric disorder, the most important tool that a parent has at their disposal is information.  The more information that you have, the better decisions that you can make for your child.  However, that information is not always readily available.  A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation by a board certified clinical neuropsychologist can provide a wealth of information that you can use to help improve the life and daily functioning of your son or daughter.  In addition to providing an extensive description of your child's cognitive strengths and weakness, the evaluation will also provide you with concrete recommendations of things you can do to help your son or daughter. 


An evaluation that is most effective will be tailored to the needs of your child.  Evaluations through my clinic will always include a report written in words that you will understand.  The report will also provide a description of the likely course of your child's difficulties and will have comprehensive recommendations that you will be able to use or provide to the school to help your child succeed.  The evaluation process is never complete until you have had the opportunity for a face-to-face feedback with me to go over the results of the evaluation and answer any questions you might have.  Finally, I am always available following an evaluation to answer any other questions you might have about your child's functioning.

Independent Educational Evaluations

Dr. Kulas is able to provide independent, comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment of your child's cognitive functioning.  Thorough evaluation of these skills can allow your child to reach their potential in their academic, social and behavioral funtioning by targeting interventions at school and at home which will increase their performance and decrease behavioral difficutlies.  It also will help reduce resultant anxiety and depression about their school performance.

For more information about the benefits and procedures of a neuropsychological evaluation, please feel free to read the description provided below.